Kisses are the best when they occur naturally- all of it just happens! You’re just into the moment with your escort/partner and one thing leads to the other. But if you’ve ever worried about how to be a better kisser, there are some conscious efforts which can be made at your side. We are here with 10 kissing secrets that you need to know:

  1. Know las vegas independant escorts/partner

You would know when it’s the right time to kiss your escort/partner. The first thing we’re saying is look for signs that your escort/partner would like to be kissed, or at the very least not mind it. You need to know what type of kiss would please or feel good to your las vegas independent escorts/partner. Take notice of their body language and behavior which would definitely throw signs on the type of person they are and how they would like the kiss to happen.

  • Don’t rush

It is very important that you do not rush into a kiss. Or else, it would be just imposing your kisses on your escort/partner. Instead, plant them. Plant them on your escort/partner with purpose and passion so that they know what it means to you. Kisses are the foundation of further sexual relationship and you’ll definitely want them to be memorable.

  • Take care of your breath and body odour

Having bad breath or body odour symbolises poor concern for personal hygiene. It could be a straight turn off for your las vegas escorts independent/partner and make them have a second thought about having things with you. Rough and chapped lips are also a NO-NO. Scrub your lips at regular intervals especially in winters or just keep a non-sticky lip balm handy.

  • Utilise your hands

Placing your hands around your partner’s neck, running your fingers through their hair or simply relaxing your hands on your escort/partner’s waist can save you from an awkward posture of your hands while kissing.

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